About Us

A bit about our background.

Both founders have active in the SEO space since the early days and have technical backgrounds in web development and analytics. Much of this early exposure and the early adoption of this tactic put us ahead in terms of thinking, approach and measurement. Although our approach has evolved our time the basic principles remain the same: build a technically robust site, have great content and promote! It sounds simple but many companies make fatal errors in the their sites or search marketing strategies. Often seen as the most technically challenging of all online marketing tactics we keep things as simple as possible for our clients and allow them to focus on running the business.    

Our Skills

Our core skills in relation to SEO

Having a wide skill set is what we are all about however we are placed first and foremost to implement SEO, both from a technical and marketing point of view. Our skills however don’t stop there, we have full web design and development capabilities, UX experience, social media expertise and extensive paid web ad delivery experience. If it’s a full service agency you require we do have solutions of all shapes and sizes to meet your needs. 

Our Approach 

Simple. Anyone can make something complex, it’s hard to make something simple. That’s why our mission is to create better sites that rank well within organic search. We don’t want to throw jargon around and confuse our clients, we guide them through a process which when followed can gain great impactful results for the entire business. Our approach has been shaped over several years in the seo field and has allowed our client to reach successes they previously thought too challenging to attempt. 

Our Values

Our values are backed by our straight forward approach to SEO. We want to get results by staying within search engine guidelines and fully practice ‘white hat seo’. We follow a transparent approach and when the clients wins, we win. Without our clients growing we can’t grow and as a result every client is important to us, regardless of size. Keeping your business goals at the forefront is key for all out activity, if an apporach or tactic isn’t going to be profitbale longterm then we won’t do it and we use an ‘owners eye’ over everything we do. 

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